Join me and let’s make some extra money together!

Hello ladies and gentleman. Have you ever wanted to make extra money on the side and spend next to nothing to do it? Yeah, me too.

There are a lot of suggestions out there on how to do that. Through this blog I am going to try several different things and report back to you on what worked and what didn’t and tell you why. I want you to walk with me through my journey on trying to make some money on the side.

The first thing I am experimenting with is writing. I have always enjoyed writing and reading so that seemed like the most natural place to start first.

I searched the internet to see what was the easiest way to get published and of course Amazon is the answer! In my upcoming blogs you’ll learn how to set up a word document so it’s ready to go for kindle, all the way up to how to check your sales. For now I’m staying away from paperbacks but may add them later. I’ll share with you my successes as well as my fails.

This is an exciting time in our lives where it doesn’t cost much to start something up, so why not try something new? I work in the banking industry as my day job and I’m frequently asked, “What are you passionate about? What excites you?” I feel like I should have the perfect answer and know exactly what to say but honestly I don’t. For me, I would have to try everything in banking to tell you exactly what excites me the most about it and currently I’ve only touched a small corner of it. At this time I can tell you I am passionate about doing something for the right reasons and doing something well. However, I couldn’t tell you what area of banking is my favorite or which project is my favorite; all I could tell you is I want to try it all!

However, all this lead me to thinking to “what if I could make money another way? What if I could be my own boss? Even if it’s just part time on the side by myself.” This thought excites me but what would I be passionate about? Where to begin?! I figured I can start small something I could do on the side and work my way up, make new friends and learn what their skills are.

Just as a FYI there maybe random DIY projects thrown in here because I do enjoy dabbling in those as well. I’m the kind of person that gets something in their head and doesn’t stop thinking about it but never follows through with it for this reason or that. However, I want to now be the person that finishes things and when I do, I want to share it with someone that has the same interests as I do and have a conversation with you about it.

I believe everyone is an expert at something and everyone has something to share. I know with being a wife and a mother to 2 little girls a little extra cash couldn’t hurt anything and who knows what I’ll be good at until I’ve tried it and if it turns out to be easy maybe you can do it to! And if I fail perhaps you can learn from my mistakes or you can guide me on what I did wrong.

Okay that’s the end of my Spiel. Until next time…

Lady Venus


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