The Dark Duke Now Available!

Hi Ladies and Gents!

The time came a week earlier than I planned! My book, “The Dark Duke” is now available to download!

Download here for 0.99 or for free with Amazon Kindle Unlimited!

Sapphire King is living through the hardest time the world has ever seen. The Dark Duke is using his dragons to rob everyone. People are fighting each other for what little is left. However, the wealthy has an opportunity to change history but Sapphire is the only one that has a chance of pulling it off. She will have to travel back in time and stop the Dark Duke from ever getting the dragon eggs. Will Sapphire be able to stop the Dark Duke from ruining the future or will she discover there is so much more to his story than just dragons?Dark Duke coverphoto


I hope you check it out!

Yours Truly,

Lady Venus


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