Make Money Fast

Hello my sexy smart readers!

There are lots of schemes out there that tell you, you can be rich over night by investing little to no money and takes hardly any time at all! Well if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, but why not test a few…

Some items I am wanting to test out are:

User Testing– This is where you test out different sites and apps by completing tasks and giving feedback.

Matched Betting– this is where you take advantage of free bets given out by bookmakers so that you can do a back bet (for something happening) and a lay bet (against something happening), the bets cancel each other out and you walk away with the winnings no matter what the outcome is.

App scratch offs– Online scratchers. How much money can we really ever win off of these “free” scratchers?

Healthy Wage– This one is where you bet any were from $5.00 or $1,000.00 that you can lose the weight you said you would for the month. And if you lose weight they pay you but if you don’t lose it you pay them (I could totally use this motivation!)

As a full time employee and mom it’s hard to find time to do all of these at the same time so be sure to keep checking back in for updates. I already have a couple of these rolling along so be sure to check back in for updates here soon!

Also, leave a comment below if there is something you think I should try! Any “get rich fast for no money at all” Schemes that I should try?

Yours Truly,

Lady Venus

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