Becoming a User Tester

Make extra money by becoming a User Tester for Apps and Sites

Hello you amazing people!

Recently I found a way to make money by being a user tester. What does that mean? It means, there are people developing apps and webpages and want to have them tested out by everyday people. So you sign up, take a test, if you pass the test you can get $10.00 every time you give feedback. Feedback takes about 15-20 minutes. So you can potentially make about 30.00-40.00 an hour.

Sounds like something you want to try? Okay, here’s more details:

-Go to

-While there they will ask you to complete a test video. What does that mean? It means you have to download their recorder. They will make sure your microphone works. (They will be recording just your voice NOT your face but they WILL record your screen.) Your voice is tested when you read a sentence on the screen.

Once that is successful you move on to completing your test video. I won’t lie, it was a bit intimidating if you’ve never done that before. What happens is, they will have popup instructions and you just follow the instructions while the recorder is going and you just say what you’re doing as you’re doing it and give feedback. In this case they gave me a link that took me to the Air and Space Museum in DC. The instructions where things like, locate the map. So you talk out loud on where you think that would be. So for me I said something like, “I see a visit tab and having a map when you visit seems logical; so I am hovering over that tab and I see a menu that shows the map option. I clicked on map and now I can see first and second floor layouts of the building with a  guide below it. Now I’m going to the next task.” And I just continue to talk out loud as I complete the tasks. The last task was for me to find which holiday they are closed on, which was harder for me so I gave feedback that said something like, “It was easy to find the closed holiday with the search option but for someone who just scans pages quickly like I do it would be nice to have it bolded on the home page so it catches my eye better because right now it just kind of blends in with the rest of the content.” From there I was asked about 3 questions. It took maybe 2 minutes to answer them and I was done.

After that it takes a few minutes for the video to upload but nothing crazy long. It was about 3 minutes for my 13 minute video.

From there you just wait for a response. The automatic response is that your video is under review and they will get back to you in a few days. In my mind that means they have a week or less. Lucky for me, it took 4 days. I’m not sure if this is the average or not, but that’s how long it took for me.

Once you pass their test you will need to fill out your ‘Profile’. The more information the better here, because if they want to test a certain demographic they will know if you qualify or not. Then there are two Lessons you will need to read/watch and there will be 3 or 4 questions after each section in the lessons. They are super easy as long as you’re paying attention. Each lesson is about 10-15 minutes (or longer if you have children hanging on you!)

Once that is all set up you just leave you browser open and you wait for the “PING” sound to let you know you have a test you can do.

Upsides and downsides

So the downside is I have small children. This means having a quiet, uninterrupted session is iffy. On the upside, there is a pause button. So if you need to pause your video you can and when ready, you can resume.

Another downside is that the example application video they had doesn’t work; so I didn’t have an example to go off of. The upside is that the written instructions, once you get in there and do it, is pretty good. However, you’re not sure of the level of information you should be giving. So, at the back of my mind I’m thinking… hmmm is that too much information or not enough? I’m thinking more is better because they need to know the thought process behind the user. However, they may not have needed a 5 minute session of why I think something should be logically in a certain spot. So again, having a application video example was a good idea, but unfortunate that it didn’t work.

Downside- You might not want or even qualify for all the tests you get and you don’t get to control how many you get. In order to get tests on your dashboard screen you have to leave it open. Once you get one you might not want to take it because it asks you to enter personal information or there are more questions then there is time  or something. Some might be longer than you want it to be (upside to longer ones, if you do a good job you will get a bonus). Also, there doesn’t seem to be that many tests per week. It looks like it averages about 2, but maybe it’s just me and my demographic. I’m not sure yet. I think it’s also because I am not a rated user.

Over the next week or so I will be actually doing the User Testing so check back in and I’ll let you know how much time I spent with it and how much I was able to make.

Be sure to check back in for an update!

Lady Venus

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