Get your E-Book noticed on Amazon

Hey my Authors!

I wanted to let you in on what I’ve learned so far to get my book noticed. Please keep in mind that there are things I still need to learn and there will be updates following this one.

When you sell your book on Amazon for less than $2.99 then you can’t do the Kindle Count Down promotion (More on that later) but you can do a book give away, which I did do the free book give away since I’m only selling it for $0.99.

On your KDP website you can go under promotions and set up a free book give away that lasts anywhere from 1-5 days. When I did this for my book I choose the full five days. I’m telling you no one would have downloaded the book for free without promoting it on Facebook. Because it has no reviews it get buried at the back of every list every time. So I created a page on Facebook and paid $10.00 to have my book promoted for 5 days in 4 countries. All the downloads that I got was a direct result from those that saw it on Facebook. I ended up getting about 40 people to download the book for free. Not crazy high numbers, I know, but I’m also just starting out. I’ve been doing this now for, what…., a month. Give a girl a break!

Also, another thing to note is that I can’t give away my book or do ANY other Amazon promotion to it in the space of a KDP quarter. What does that mean. It means when I published my book on Aug. 17 I can only promote it one time between that date and Nov. 16th. Then starting Nov 17th I can promote again. So if you really wanted to do a giveaway back to back you could always do it the last five days of one quarter and the first 5 days of the next quarter. Though that sounds a bit weird to me…

Amazon also offers Kindle Count Down. This means if you have a book you published for 2.99 or higher and it’s been on the market for at least 30 days than you can sell your book at a discounted price and Amazon will market out to its readers that the sale is coming! I want to try this for my next book so be on the lookout for updates in this area!

Yours Truly,


Lady Venus

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