User Testing Update

Here’s my quick update:

I’ve had over 35 tests come through the past week and all of them required I take a screen test before the actual test. The screen tests figure out if I am part of the demographic they are looking to target; Of said 35+ tests I have qualified for none of them so far. That is quite disheartening. On top of that I feel like I have enough information on my profile that most of these tests should not have come through to me because it was already on my profile. Example: I needed to know how to speak some German to take one of the tests but I don’t so I couldn’t take the test. In my profile I wrote down that I only speak English. So why did I get a German test? That doesn’t make sense to me…

I’m not really sure what demographic you need to be in order to actually qualify, but an early 30’s, full time, female, mom, who only speaks English doesn’t seem to be it. LOL

Has anyone else tried this? What results did you get. Leave a comment be low and let me know!

I’ll keep you posted if I get any that I qualify for.

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