Reading your Results/Royalties on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) on Amazon

Hello Everyone!

If you’ve been following me on how to get published on Amazon as I’m learning it, AWESOME! Thanks for following.

However, if you missed the first few steps scroll to the top of the page and check out “How to get Published on Amazon” from the “Blog” drop down menu.

Now that you’re published the fun doesn’t end. When you log into your Amazon KDP Select site you will have a “Reports” tab, once you click on it you will see the two graphs below.

Kindle picture

The first graph shows you how many books were bought on each day in orange and if you are running some kind of free book promotion it will show up in blue. On my graph you can see I did a free book promotion and had just under 40 people download it for free. However, I have not managed to sell my book to anyone so far. Meaning no one has swiped their credit card to pay $0.99 for my book. (I know not hot but I want to be honest with you, I’ve only been on this journey since August 17, 2018 making today, as I write this, 2 days shy of a month of me doing this. My goal is to record what I’m learning as I’m learning it and share it with you).

The second graph is a little more complicated. If you have enrolled with the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program or the Lending Library you will be paid each time a person downloads your book and reads it. You only get paid for the pages the customer has actually read. So if someone has downloaded your book and read only half of it, you only get paid for half the book. So you can see I have made a tiny bit of money from this, but it looks like a lot because it displayed the number of pages read.

Below those two graphs there is a “Royalties Earned” section. As you see mine is empty because this only reflects those that actually paid for the book, which I don’t have any at this point. However if you click on “generate report” you’ll have a slew of more information in an excel spreadsheet. See below:

Royalties section


This first tab shows everything about your sales and promotions/digital and paperback. The next two tabs show the same exact thing but breaks it down by one tab showing the digital downloads and another that shows the paperbacks sold. Following that there is a orders tab. See below.


This just shows a summary of the first graph from above.

The final tab is KENP Read (Kindle Edition Normalized Pages).


The dashboard is displaying The second graphs information from above.

The real difference with this spreadsheet, that I think is fun to look at, is the money conversion and what that means for you and your customer. For example: I’m selling my book for $0.99 USD but those in Canada would pay $1.29CAD. While at the same time those in the UK would pay 0.82GBP. However, when it all gets converted USD at the end of the month it will equal 0.99 as long as they finished the book and it does have an effect on your royalties. This is also great if you do choose to do the paperback set up as well because you can see how much people are paying for shipping and handling on top of the cost of your book.

I hope that helps!

Yours Truly,

Lady Venus

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