Making money with Scratcher ticket apps

Hey Readers!

THIS was a fun one to test out! LOL

You definitely could not quit your day job with this one though.

The first app I tried was called Lucky Day. This one is a free app. I would get 23 scratchers waiting for me every morning and 2 raffles. I would scratch them all and see if I won anything and then in the evening I would get 10 more scratchers. To scratch all my scratchers and watch the ads that pop up takes about 5-7 minutes.

Not all the scratchers offer money. Some offer tokens, then you can redeem your tokens for gift cards and various items they have. Keep in mind 1 Million tokens equals about a $1.00 so even if you win 250,000 tokens it means you just earn $0.25. It sounds exciting to win 250,000 tokens but it’s just a quarter.

In the two weeks I have now been playing these scratchers I have won $3.75 cash and 1.7M tokens. Most of the money I won was as quarters. So if you convert the tokens into dollars I’ve made about $5.00 in two weeks and each week I spent about 30 minutes scratching. Nope definitely can’t quit my job at $5.00 an hour. LOL but I will say it’s super fun to play and it’s super easy; and for a free app there really isn’t as many ads as you would expect there to be.

However, for the app Lucktastic I gave up on it after 2 days. There were just SO many ads and you had to scratch certain ones, that would make you share or post on social media, before you could go forward and scratch other stuff. I don’t like the idea that I don’t have a choice to skip over them. Also I spent so much time watching ads. It was such a waste of time compared with Lucky Day.

I picked these two apps because when I was researching ways to make money, one person had suggested it because it could make you up to 500.00 a week. I think that was dangerous for the person to be advertising and I’m pretty sure the app doesn’t realize how it was inadvertently advertised in a unrealistic way. Also I wonder if the person that posted the article even tried half the suggestions that were on there because most of them would probably earn you next to nothing and nowhere near 500.00 a week.

Yours Truly,

Lady Venus

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