Learning to Build a Platform

Hey Readers,

It’s been too long since my last post. I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to get noticed for my next book. For my first book I needed go through the right channels to be more successful and I didn’t. Not to say going the Amazon route is bad because it’s not, and I’m gunna do it again. What I am saying is there are so many other social media outlets that have yet to be tapped into.

So, if you’re like me, and looking to build your following and platform this is what I learned.

You can either sloooooooooooowly build your followers over 2+ years, buy a platform for a **it ton of money OR you can borrow another person’s platform.

What does that mean? I can either not get help from anyone and just post a bunch of stuff over time, which is how many people do it and there’s nothing wrong with that but I’m not that patient. On the flip side you can gain a bunch of followers by paying for them, which is too much money and in my opinion it seems kind of cold. Like these people only follow and like your content because you pay them not because they are genuinely interested. Finally, the third option, which is what I am digging more deeply into and borrowing a platform.

To borrow another person’s platform can take shape in different forms. You can do a guest post on someone else’s blog and some how relate yours back to what they wrote about in a not jerk way (I’m still figuring that out). Also, you can ask another company or popular blogger to feature you for a limited time on their sight. There’s also the option to see if you can score a podcast or interview with someone that discusses what you write about or even what you’re selling.

For me, I have written another book, this time it’s more of a “How-to” rather than a romance. There are certain brands I wish to refer to in my book and have written to each company that I want to feature in my book. I’ve asked for permission to use their brand as well as asked if when my book get’s published if I can feature it on their sight for a limited time. I’m now waiting for replies. If even one of them says yes I will have gained all of their followers for the time my book is featured there and perhaps end up gaining a few of my own. This is a form of borrowing a platform.

Even though I am more focused on borrowing a platform right now it doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore the first option either. I will want to continue to connect with those that follow me and try to gain more through my day to day posting and such. This is harder to do when you want to stay anonymous because normally you post pictures about your daily life because people want to make sure you really are a person just like them. So if you are not being anonymous try out a rule I just heard about. The 80-20 rule. Where 80% of your content is NOT about your business but about just being you and 20% is about your business. This could be sharing someone else’s content that you felt was pretty cool, from pins, tweets and so on and pictures of you want what you’re up to. Then after 8 posts of that you can do 2 posts for you’re actual business on discounts, new products, new ideas, asking people to order/buy something.

I’ve been learning a lot over the last few weeks and I’ve got more to share but I’m going to leave it here for today. I’ll let you know what I’ve done to increase views and my platform and what worked and what didn’t. I’ll also keep you posted on what I would like to try next!

Yours Truly,

Lady Venus


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