Getting a Cover Photo Designed for your E-Book

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Now that I have set up my word document and wrote my story I am now looking on a website called to get a cover photo made for an Ebook.

What I found that worked best for me was I put out a request giving as much detail as possible with what I want and have people, with the skills I need, put in an offer on my request.

How this works is once you put in an offer, will actually put your request into a “pending” status until they can review. Once they have reviewed it and you’re not asking for anything you shouldn’t be *Coughs* then they will post it and you’ll start to get offers within hours of it posting. Also, once you get a few offers in and you don’t want any more you can “Pause” the offer. I paused my offer once I found someone. That way if it doesn’t work out, the other offers made don’t go away and I can “activate” it again and get more offers and try to find someone else that can do the job. Or once the job is complete I can go in and delete the request since it was fulfilled.

I had a conversations with a few of the people who made offers but because many of them were from other countries I found their English wasn’t the best and I knew I would have trouble understanding what they were saying and another concern I had was whether or not they knew what I wanted. Once I found someone with pretty strong English communication I paid for the cover photo to be made. In my case it’s 10.00 but there are several that will do it for 5.00. With that 10.00 I will get unlimited amounts of revisions. However you have to be careful with this because they can’t add anything new to the photo they can only do touch ups to the request. That is why lots of details is best from the start.

Each person has a different turnaround time. For this person I am working with now, they are showing it will take a day. But it is more standard for it to take 3 days or so. So, tomorrow I should have something to look at. Once I’m done making revisions and I’m happy with the product I will confirm that I like it and since it’s an Ebook cover I can download it right there, ready for use.

Another great feature on is once I’ve found someone I really like I can save them to my favorites and keep using them over and over.

I won’t lie to you though. My standards are pretty low for this cover photo since it is so cheap. It’s been recommended in several books I’ve read that a cover photo should be updated once there is enough revenue to do so. The more professional the photo, the more copies you will sell. But if you’re like me and you’re just interested in making extra money on the side, 10.00 is juuuuuust fiiiiiiiine.

Yours Truly,

Lady Venus

So here is an updated since I received my book cover: My low expectations were met. Instead of a dark sexy man with baby dragons I got a more vampire esque cover photo with some pirate thrown in. There were elements that the designer added that I didn’t ask for, such as him wearing a scarf and having a sword at his hip. Also, it seemed like he had a black light shining on him making everything have a purple hue. Anyway, the fact is he was on the right track, the color of the dragons, the size of them, my background and so on were all there. When I gave feed back the only thing he couldn’t do was remove the scarf. Which again, for 10.00 I can live with and I will get the picture updated when I can afford it (which will be closer to $300.00). When that time comes I will make sure to let you know where and how much it was. I know it’s not the most amazing cover photo ever, it’s more “Meh” but below is the first version of my cover for “The Dark Duke.”

Dark Duke coverphoto.jpg