Publish your EBook on Amazon

Hello my fellow readers,

You’re there! You’ve written this amazing book, it’s been edited, you’ve added your cover photo, you’ve set up your book with all the extra pieces it needs and now it’s time to actually put it out there!

It may seem daunting but I promise it’s pretty easy peasy. You can do it!

First got to and sign into your amazon account. Don’t have one? No worries all you need is a name and email to set one up!

When you click on the link above there is a brief video you can watch (I recommend doing so!). When the video is done scroll down and click on the words lit up in blue “Learn how it’s easy.”

From there all you have to do is follow the steps. Here are some items that would be good to know or have before you start.

  • Account information- Where do you want your money to be deposited? *wiggles eyebrows*
  • Tax information (just basic, name social and if a company EIN)
  • Have your content ready to be uploaded (Cover photo and your manuscript)
  • Have the summary of your book that is 4,000 characters or less ready to go.
  • Keywords- you get 7 but you don’t have to use all 7. These words can’t repeat what is already in your book summary. You can always adjust these later or add if you’re not sure of 7 to begin with.
  • Category- You only get 2 so choose well and these can always be changed later.
  • Distribution- Are you good with everyone around the world having access to your book or do you want only select areas have access to your book?
  • Also there is a section called Digital Rights Management (DMR), where you can protect your book so no one can share it’s information and no one can just take your book. Even if you select yes to protect your book you can still allow people to share your book for a 14 day span and it allows people to buy your book as a gift for someone else.
  • Price listing and Royalties is the fun part. It’s pretty straight forward you can sell your book for less than 2.99 and get 35% royalties on each book you sell or you can sell it for 2.99 or more and get 35% or 70% royalties back per book. You get to decide.
  • Finally decide if you would like your book to be part of KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Select. This means an Amazon customer is part of the Kindle Unlimited program or their Lending Library. Each month that customer pays Amazon each month to read as many books as they like that are part of that program. If you choose to be part of the program you get for the amount of pages that customer finishes.

So for example if I am selling my book for $0.99  and a customer buys my book I’ll see only $0.35 back in royalties but if someone on kindle unlimited downloads my book for free and finishes it I will see $0.70 back. However, if they only finish half the book I will only see $0.35.

I know that seems like a lot of information but Amazon does an amazing job walking you through every step and giving guidance. This article gives you a jumping off point and an idea of what to expect in the process. Any additional questions you have will be in the above link. However if you get lost or not sure about something, leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out! For me to get through all the set up information took me no more than 20 minutes and that was with a crying baby in my arms.

It can take up to 3 days before you see your book on Amazon. You’re book will be going through a back end review process of checking to make sure your book meets all the requirements that Amazon has laid out.

Still with me? Okay great! Next week I’ll be showing you how to track the health of your book.

You’re Truly,

Lady Venus

Make Money Fast

Hello my sexy smart readers!

There are lots of schemes out there that tell you, you can be rich over night by investing little to no money and takes hardly any time at all! Well if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, but why not test a few…

Some items I am wanting to test out are:

User Testing– This is where you test out different sites and apps by completing tasks and giving feedback.

Matched Betting– this is where you take advantage of free bets given out by bookmakers so that you can do a back bet (for something happening) and a lay bet (against something happening), the bets cancel each other out and you walk away with the winnings no matter what the outcome is.

App scratch offs– Online scratchers. How much money can we really ever win off of these “free” scratchers?

Healthy Wage– This one is where you bet any were from $5.00 or $1,000.00 that you can lose the weight you said you would for the month. And if you lose weight they pay you but if you don’t lose it you pay them (I could totally use this motivation!)

As a full time employee and mom it’s hard to find time to do all of these at the same time so be sure to keep checking back in for updates. I already have a couple of these rolling along so be sure to check back in for updates here soon!

Also, leave a comment below if there is something you think I should try! Any “get rich fast for no money at all” Schemes that I should try?

Yours Truly,

Lady Venus

Save Money Cleaning Out your House

Hello My Readers,

My blog is mostly about how to make money but I thought it would be also good to talk about ways to save money as well and improve our life styles with healthy habits.

Sometimes I think it’s good to start at the basics and purge what you don’t use or what you don’t want to use. And hey, make some money off of it the same time!

Checkout Kara Daniels blog on some really great tips on using Poshmark to live a lighter life style and how she makes some money off of her used items. You don’t have to use Poshmark. There’s also many other sites such as, Etsy, Ebay and even Amazon to sell your items but I feel like the basics that she outlines really apply to the general selling your stuff online.

Also, if you don’t know how to get started on deciding what to get rid of because you just LOVE it all be sure to read through  Jenny in Neverland on how to start some of that de-cluttering started. She is more of living a minimalist life style and you don’t have to go that far but I do feel the key take away is that a lot of us have junk around our place that we can probably part with.

I wish I had some words of wisdom from me to you on how to do this but if you saw my house, I think you would agree that I would be talking out of turn. LOL Though trust me when I say that there are times when the house starts to crowd around me. At that point I start to throw all my crap into garbage bag after garbage. However, instead of selling it I do tend to donate it all because I don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling it. I just become over whelmed with this need to get it out of my house. Yesterday. But if you have the patience and the time to pursue it. Do it!! Then comment below on how you did it!

Yours Truly,

Lady Venus

How to Create a “Clickable” Table of Contents

Hello you fantastic people you! Below is the written step by step guide on how to set up a “clickable” table of contents but “Video School Online” does a great youtube video on it. Click here to watch the video.

Step 1 High light the title of your chapter


Step 2 Under the “Home” tab in the “Styles” box select the heading that you want and click on it. If after you click on through each style of headings and you don’t like any no worries just select any random heading and change the font like you would normally would by highlighting it and using the “Font” box to make changes. The important piece of this step is just to make sure it’s changed into a “Heading.”

Step One select header

Step 3 Go to your table of contents and highlight the first chapter title you want to make “Clickable.”

Step Four Content will change look

Step 4 Click on “Hyperlink” on the “Insert” tab.

Step 5 Then select “Place this Document”- Expand “Headings” and select your first chapter title you want the reader to be taken to. You can change the way this looks to but I recommend not doing so because then it might not look “Clickable” to the reader.

Step 6 Click “Okay” and your good to go!


Step Three insert typer link

I hope that helps you!

Yours Truly,

Lady Venus

How to get Published on Amazon

Hey my motivated readers!

You’re visiting my blog today because you want to make money. Some how. Preferably quick and easy. Believe me, I get it!

If you enjoy writing perhaps writing is the way to do it. Below is an outline of each step I’m taking to get Published and links for more details on each step.

  1. Write your book. No matter if it’s fact or fiction write it. From there I can help you.
  2. Format your word document. Click here for more details.
  3. Next get a cover photo made. Click here for how I did it but know there are other options which I will expand on later.
  4. Make sure to get your grammar checked from start to finish.
  5. Creating a “Clickable” table of contents- Click here to walk through this.
  6. Publish your book on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Click here to learn more!

These are the basic steps to get yourself up and running to get your book published. Be sure to stay tuned to learn how to get people to find your book and how to get it sold!

Also check out my facebook page to get sneak peeks at other books I’m writing.

Be sure to also check out my Author page here on Amazon.

Thank you for any and all your support! And trust me if I can do you so can you! Got stuck somewhere? Leave a comment and let’s figure it out together! Let’s help each other out!

Yours Truly,

Lady Venus

The Dark Duke Now Available!

Hi Ladies and Gents!

The time came a week earlier than I planned! My book, “The Dark Duke” is now available to download!

Download here for 0.99 or for free with Amazon Kindle Unlimited!

Sapphire King is living through the hardest time the world has ever seen. The Dark Duke is using his dragons to rob everyone. People are fighting each other for what little is left. However, the wealthy has an opportunity to change history but Sapphire is the only one that has a chance of pulling it off. She will have to travel back in time and stop the Dark Duke from ever getting the dragon eggs. Will Sapphire be able to stop the Dark Duke from ruining the future or will she discover there is so much more to his story than just dragons?Dark Duke coverphoto


I hope you check it out!

Yours Truly,

Lady Venus