How to Create an Ebook Template

Hello my Readers!

On my journey to try and make money writing I read several books on how I could do it. One thing I found very valuable was somewhere I had read how to set up my kindle template. I found it very helpful to set up a blank template that I could save and use over and over again! So, I am going to do the same for you (Sorry I don’t remember where I read it. I read quite a few in the wee hours of the morning as I was feeding my new born). Also, by doing this part yourself it saves you $300.00 by not having a professional do it for you. You’re welcome!

When you set up your word document for an E-book it’s best to size your pages so it fits any Kindle or E-reader nicely. The most common sizes (and safe) options to use is either 5″ X 8″ or 6″ X 9″

Here we go!

Once you’ve opened a word document:

  1. Click on “Page Layout”pagelayout
  2. In the “Page Setup” box click on the arrow in the bottom right hand corner.arrowbottomright
  3. Click on the tab labeled “Paper”
  4. Under “Width” put 5″ and under height put 8″ (or 6 and 9 respectively)
  5. Make sure under “Apply to” it says “Whole document.” If it doesn’t make sure to select that option.
  6. Then click “OK”


And it’s just that simple. You’re ready to start writing.

On a side note, you could put in page numbers but with an E-Reader that’s not necessary since it will vary depending on the size of the E-reader. Now if you plan on publishing paperbacks putting in page numbers is wise, but since I’m trying to cut out anything that will consume my time wastefully I’m cutting this part out. If I ever decide to do a paperback I promise to come back and highlight exactly how to add page numbers.

The next step is up to you though. What will you write? Adventure, action, romance, self-help or even instructional? It doesn’t matter! Just do it! Purge it all on that blank canvas and then go back and fix it up once you’ve purged it. The rest of the steps can wait until you’ve finished writing and don’t forget to check you grammar and spelling! Then have another person check it for you! No one can enjoy the amazingness that you wrote if it’s so full of grammar and spelling errors so take the time! Check out my future blog posts on finding someone else to do it.

That’s it this week my fellow friends! Check back in next week as I look into getting a book cover created for my first novel “The Dark Duke.”

Yours Truly,

Lady Venus